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Well, anything comfortable and some gym shoes. Now for the Twerk class, I recommend you wear loose fitting shorts or leggings. You need to let the booty jiggle! Don't wear tight compression workout pants and sucks everything in. You need to let everything loose!

We now have 2 types of classes. The difference is HipHop cardio is simple to follow, using repetitive dance moves (similar to Zumba, minus the Latin music). We do approx 9-10 songs in a class. Twerk and Beyonce dance is more choreography, learning twerk moves, and we do one song for the entire class.

Both these classes are for beginners! I know it seems scary and intimidating at first, but come try one class and you'll be comfortable by the end. I've been teaching almost 10 years now and have had thousands come through my classes, and the ONE THING I'm good at is teaching others how to move. Give it a try!

Of course not! At the end of the class, we put the routine together and some choose to be recorded. Purely optional!

Yes, many say they don't know how to dance.. Well, that's why you GO TO A CLASS! If everyone already knew how to do all this stuff, no one would come. We learn and grow little by little. Yes, I do break down the moves and mechanics, and some of it takes time to learn. Then at the end of class, we put them together in a little routine. It's not that it's physically hard to do, but rather just awkward. It takes some practice and then one day the light bulb starts to go off for you!  

FORGET YOUR FRIENDS! If they don't wanna come, leave 'em at home. Don't rely on them to do something YOU would like to do! They may not like this at all, and make you feel uncomfortable if they aren't into it. And, sometimes it's better to try in a room of strangers. YOU HAVE ME and a group of non-judgmental ladies who are super-supportive, positive and uplifting. We as woman need to surround ourselves in that type of environment! 

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